1. The Customer needs to agree to purchase and The Company needs to agree to design, manufacture, supply and install the products that are specified on the quotation/plan that is provided.  The Customer needs to allow The Company access to survey and install the products in question.  A 50% deposit is required with receipt of all orders and full payment for the product is due on completion of work. The completion date specified commences from receipt of deposit/order. All quotations are valid for 60 days unless specified otherwise. 2. All goods supplied or fitted remain the property of Mobile Home Services Ltd until full payment has been made to Mobile Home Services Ltd. 3. The Company will act in the best interest of The Customer and will reserve the right to refer back to The Customer should any details regarding the order be unclear.  The installation completion date which is identified on the quotation will be delayed until settlement of any details are resolved.  Completion dates are quoted in good faith and therefore no liability for delay/damages or otherwise shall be incurred by The Company should these times be exceeded. 4. The Company reserves the right to make alterations to the product specifications and description without prior notice in keeping with our policy of striving to make improvements. 5. Mobile Home Services Ltd guarantees all new veranda installations for a period of 5 years from installation date.  All other products including extensions, lights and accessories are guaranteed for a period of 1 year from installation date.  Any defects or problems after installation should be reported to Mobile Home Services Ltd in writing by The Customer immediately so they can be investigated.  On investigation, if the defect is considered The Company’s fault, Mobile Home Services will rectify the fault at The Company’s expense.  Any third party intrusion to the installation will render The Company’s guarantee null and void. 6. The Company will not accept liability for any minor imperfections or shade differences between batches in the UPVC products which are part of the extrusion and handling process of the manufacturer.  UPVC products will vary in thickness during manufacture and a tolerance of 3mm in any part of the product will be deemed to be acceptable due to the varying manufacturing process. UPVC products may show signs of fading over time for which The Company cannot be liable and is not covered under the 5 year guarantee. 7. All prices quoted are plus VAT at the current rate stated at the time of supply.  Failure to pay in full within 7 days of receiving the final invoice after installation will render the guarantee null and void.  The Company reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 8% above the National Westminster base rate on any outstanding balances. 8. Whilst every precaution is taken during installation of the UPVC product The Company will not accept any responsibility for alterations to services supplying the property such as relocation of gas and electricity supply meters or water stop taps etc., it will be The Customer’s responsibility to make arrangements before the installation commences.  The Company reserves the right to charge The Customer if any delay occurs due to this nature and a return visit is necessary to complete the installation at a later date. 9. Whilst your product is under construction, Mobile Home Services Ltd cannot be held responsible/liable for the safety of customers who wish to access the unit. 10. It is the responsibility of The Customer to obtain approval for installation of products from the relevant parties.  The Company cannot control any delays of installation due to Site owners or operators delaying the installation due to approval not being granted.  If an order is cancelled 7 days after signing/receiving deposit  due to approval not being obtained, The Company reserve the right not to reimburse any deposit received. 11. All warranty claims made within the 5 year/1 year guarantee period must be made by the purchaser in writing and sent by recorded delivery to The Company’s address.  Any such written notice should be made within 10 days of identifying the defect to prevent any further problems. All after sales work will be carried out as soon as possible but by The Companies schedule. 12. Due to the installation process of our products, it is possible that lawned areas and flower beds can become damaged.  Whilst every care will be taken during installation, The Company will not accept any liability for any damage caused. All personal possessions should be removed from the working area before work commences. We will not accept any responsibility for damage to personal possessions 13. All The Company’s coloured UPVC products should be cleaned with warm soapy water only and under no circumstance should any chemical cleaners be used as this may lead to discolouration. If discolouration occurs due to customers using anything other than soapy water to clean the product, the warranty will be null and void.  All stainless steel products need to be maintained to prevent tea staining. Timber decking materials need to be maintained to prevent shrinking/cracking. No mats/carpets should be placed on plastic decking due to chemicals within the rubber attacking the plastic. Galvanised steel sub-frames used in coastal environments cannot be covered under the 5 year warranty due to sea spray/salt attacking the coating/metal. Please be aware that any contact of sunscreen, lotions or cream on material surfaces will cause a reaction when exposed to UV radiation from the sun which is irreversible and is not covered under the warranty.  Any units with exterior Can Exel cladding must maintain a 25mm separation gap between the cladding and the veranda/steps as advised by the manufacturers. 14. All the Company’s UPVC decking products are non moisture absorbent.  Whilst all the decks drain, it is not possible for all the water to escape and some may remain on the surface until it eventually evaporates.  Whilst all The Companies products have an anti-slip surface which meets B S Pendulum slip test, we must advise our customers to take care when walking on the surface in wet or icy conditions for their own safety. 15. Mobile Home Services Ltd will not be responsible for any ground works that may need to be carried out prior to an installation and cannot be held responsible for any such work causing damage to The Customer’s property.  Whilst we are happy to advise The Customer what they may need to carry out to prepare the area for an installation, it would be advisable for The Customer to speak to The Park Manager/Operator before commencing as services etc may run just below the surface of the ground and could be damaged during preparation work. 16. Representative samples are used to demonstrate a typical product or component and may not be identical to the end product.  The products will be used in such a way we consider suitable to install the installation and may differ from time to time if we see the need to modify the installation from the plan due to an unforeseen problem.  The Company’s quotation is based on the work foreseen at the time of the quotation and does not include work subsequently carried out in order to overcome unforeseen problems.  Any cost incurred due to these factors will be passed to The Customer. 17. All deck finishes are fitted with the least amounts of joins required to carry out the most economical way for The Company and may also be fitted in 2 directions.  If an astro turf decking finish is preferred, The Company cannot guarantee that the astro turf will be fitted in 1 piece and may be joined in more than one section depending on the shape and size configuration. 18. The signing of the quotation by the customer confirms a binding contract between The Customer and Mobile Home Services Ltd. 19. All the Company’s products are custom built to customer’s specifications.  Cancellation of an order can only be accepted up to 7 days from date of confirmation/deposit and may be verbal but must be followed up within 3 days by a written confirmation for any deposits to be returned. 20. Mobile Home Services Ltd accepts payments by cash, cheque, bank transfer and credit/debit cards except American Express. Mobile Home Services Ltd, Caelloi Yard, Dinas, Pwllheli, LL53 8ST   Co Reg No 4015989   Vat No 560 2691 49 Tel: 01758 770558    Fax: 01758 770579    Email: mhservices@btconnect.com     www.mobilehomeservicesltd.com
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